Finding the best place to get an MBA in France for you

The MBA is one of the most popular postgraduate business degrees, and for good reason. It provides you with a structured framework for developing your management skills and gives you the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals in your field. If you are interested in getting an MBA in France, and not just studying there but living there as well, then read on to find out what you should consider before making this big decision. An MBA is challenging, so it’s important that the program fits your needs and interests as well as your lifestyle.

Learning environment

Each school will have its own strengths and weaknesses, so you should carefully research the program that interests you before signing up for any MBA in France. Consider the following factors before making your decision. For example, the learning environment of the school will be critical. Consider what the campus is like, as well as how easy it is to access and travel to and from the school. Can you study part-time or full-time? Will you be in a group of other international students, or will you be surrounded by locals?


Here are some examples of the courses you will find when studying a Master in Business Administration in France:

  • Management of Innovation
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Business Law & Ethics
  • International Economics & Micro Markets
  • Strategic Marketing & Branding
  • Global & eMarketing
  • Intercultural Management & International Negotiation
  • Project Management

You will have additional courses depending on your specialization. For example, if you get specialized in Entrepreneurship, you will have courses such as: International Business Finance, International Partnerships and Mergers & Acquisitions, Advanced Business Planning, Business Plan Jury Presentations, etc.

And don’t forget about the additional and special events: Business Games, Company Case, Practical training, thesis & defense.

Professional experiences

The MBA should provide you a way to get professional experiences, so once you start working full-time, you won’t be lost. Imagine if after graduating, you find a job, and on your first day, you have no idea of how the place works, or what missions will be assigned to you. Sounds pretty stressful, right? Then, the best way to get professional experience is thought an apprenticeship or an internship. It is even better if it lasts more than 2 months, because French legislation turns the internship from a free one to a paid one. However, an internship cannot excess 6 months in France.

Networking opportunities 

The program that you choose can have a huge impact on the types of connections that you make in your field. Look for schools that host events and conferences where you can network with professionals in your industry, that will help you find an internship, that organizes workshops with speakers or even company cases!


While cost shouldn’t be your only deciding factor, it is important that you consider it before making a decision. Some programs will be more expensive than others, and some may have additional costs that you need to take into account.

Accreditations and certifications

Depending on where you want to work after your graduation, your diploma will have more or less value. Except if you aim for a double diploma. Some schools offer this option, which is great if you’re unsure about where you want to settle and work. This will offer a wider recognition of your skills.

Getting an MBA in France is a great option for anyone who is interested in furthering their career or who wants to relocate to this beautiful country. If you are serious about getting your MBA, then you will have plenty of options, whether you decide to stay local or relocate abroad.

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